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eSun brings eSteel to 3D Printing materials

by Dimitris Economou 2

Not too far back in 2016, eSun, one of the big suppliers of equipment and materials used in 3D printing, decided to open their own online US store where you can obtain everything concerning 3D printing. Now, as 3D printing is evolving, the company is improving its materials with eSteel. Just like the already available eCopper, adding stainless steel to 3D printing material PLA it is hard to break, easy to print and there isn’t any warping and cracking problem. However, you still need to be prepared to replace your nozzle and do 1st layer adjustment.


eSteel Specifications

1. Best Print Temperature: 190-210℃
2. Print bed temperature: 0/65℃
3. Printing speed: 30 ~ 90mm/s
4. Free speed: 90~150mm/s



Application Fields

eSteel can be widely used in the fields of fashion creative design, industrial design and so on.  In 2017, the metal hi-tech style continues to prevail, So eSUN has brought this grey eSteel – Polishable Stainless Steel filaments after years of researching and developing. As the top kind of 3D printing filament you must buy in 2017, eSteel will give your printing a futuristic style. You should not only wear a dazzling metallic dress, but also print cool stainless steel texture fashion jewelry items. eSteel gives you a unique creation experience.


Do you want to try the latest and most dazzling 3D printing filaments? Comment and/or tag us and you will have the opportunity to get a free sample with free shipping from eSUN! Post your prints after polishing and they will choose the best one to send you secret lucky gifts!