Hidden functions of Elephone S7 Home Button and many ways to capture a screenshot (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Multifunctional home buttons became a trend in the Android world since Meizu implemented them in its smartphones. Since then, many manufacturers use them adding their own touches to functionality. One of them is Elephone that is using such a home button in the Elephone S7. How many functions have you discovered? A video from the company showcases the different uses of the home button in Elephone S7.

1. Press the button to return to Home. This is the classic function since modern smartphones appeared.

2. Assign a specific app. Just double press the button to open a specific app you have assigned.

3. Take a screenshot. By long touch, you can take a screeshot of the whole display or just a specific area.

4. mBack. This is the same as in the Meizu devices. Just touch the button once to go back.


Multiple ways to take a screenshot on Elephone S7

As you can see in the video below, there are many ways to take a screenshot on S7. The “Google Way” is by pressing Power + Volume Down at the same time. Elephone has also added this function to the home button as you saw above. The third is by swiping down with three fingers.

Have you discovered all of them? Go ahead and check them out. To find more about Elephone S7, visit the product page.