Samsungs Plans Production of 7nm Chips in Early 2018

by Martin 3

We’re barely into 2017 but Samsung is already looking to 2018 as the company has mentioned that it plans to begin production of chips using the next-generation 7nm process in “early 2018”.


The company plans to become the leader in 7nm chip production by utilizing new extreme ultraviolet exposure (EUV) equipment. In a recent statement, Dr. Heo Kuk, managing director of Samsung’s Semimcondutor System LSI Division, called the technology “challenging” but also said that “Samsung will lead the most advanced technology with the same competitiveness as 14nm and 10nm.”

The early 2018 production date means that it’s most likely that Samsung’s 2018 flagship, assumedly the Galaxy S9, will feature the new 7nm chips. Kuk also mentioned that, aside from the 7nm process, the company also plans to diversify its 14nm process to include applications in the mobile, automotive, network, and graphics businesses and that the company expects the demand for 14nm chips to grow.

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Currently, Samsung uses its 10nm process-based chips for its upcoming flagships including the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The quality of Samsung’s 10nm process in terms of performance and power draw are yet to be tested but if it proves impressive, the excitement for what the 7nm process can achieve will definitely grow. We’ll just have to wait for Samsung’s new flagships to come out to truly find out.

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