Is the Hi-Fi feature on Elephone P25 worth buying?

by Dimitris Economou 15

High fidelity—or hi-fi or hifi—reproduction is a term that home stereo listeners, audiophiles and home audio enthusiasts use to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound to distinguish it from the lower quality sound you usually get from inexpensive audio equipment. Ideally, high-fidelity equipment has inaudible noise and distortion, and a flat (neutral, uncolored) frequency response within the intended frequency range. Such support is present in the Elephone P25 that’s coming soon.

Elephone P25

So, what’s the difference between the Hi-Fi phones and normal ones? Firstly, if you are a faithful fan of an artists, a Hi-Fi device can deliver you the premium, flawless version of their songs so that you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard. Exactly the sound that the artist and sound engineer want you to hear.

Secondly, with a Hi-Fi phone you can hear much more music detail that you have never noticed before. That is amazing, just feels like entering in a new world. Of course, such a device should always go with an appropriate headset for optimum experience.

Luckily, the upcoming Elephone P25 will support Hi-Fi audio among other features. To stay up to date with news about Elephone products, you can follow the official Elephone Page here and here.

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