More Netgear Router Vulnerabilities Found

by Martin 0

Several Netgear routers were found to have security vulnerabilities late last year, making them vulnerable to remote attacks, and Netgear has been scrambling to patch the affected routers. But today, another report has been published revealing that more vulnerabilities have been found, affecting even more routers than the previous issues.


The new vulnerability allows attackers to recover your router’s administrative password and gain full access to and takeover your router. This can be done remotely if you’ve enabled remote administration on your affected model but can also be done by anyone with access to the local network. The report stated that they found over 31 Netgear models affected by the vulnerability.

Netgear has been able to respond diligently to the problem though as the company has already patched 19 of the affected router models and has given a short workaround for those with affected models that have not been patched yet. Users will need to manually patch their routers though as Netgear has no way to push the updates over-the-air.

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As for those with unpatched routers, they’ll need to manually enable the router’s password recovery feature as well as switch off remote management. Following the workaround will keep your router safe from attack via the newly found vulnerabilities but you won’t be able to access your router’s backend remotely while it is still unpatched.

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