Apple Scores Best Quarter of Any Company in History

by Martin 0

Apple has always been successful when it comes to sales and profits, especially when it comes to its iconic iPhone. As the most valuable company in the world, it isn’t a surprise that Apple’s latest quarterly report shows some impressive numbers. But what comes as a surprise though, is Apple’s last quarter performance is not only the company’s strongest Holiday quarter ever but it’s also the best quarter of any company ever.


Apple was able to score a record-high revenue of $78.29 billion, besting its previous bests of $74.78 billion from fiscal Q1 2016 and $74.47 billion from Q1 2015. The biggest contributor to Apple’s record-breaking quarter is, as expected, the iPhone with over 78.3 million units sold in just that one quarter leading to a revenue of $54.38 billion. Among the iPhone models being sold last quarter, the biggest performer was the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in spite of the model’s supply constraints.



Another big player for Apple during the last quarter is the company’s range of services which include the App Store, Apple Pay, and iCloud, which made up 9% of Apple’s revenue for the quarter. According to its report, the company’s services earned a record-high revenue of $7.2 billion overtaking the iPad and almost overtaking the Mac. This shows just how successful the company’s range of services are and the company expects to even double the revenue from it services in just four years.


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Undeniably, Apple has become primarily an iPhone company with the device range making up 69% of the company’s revenue during the last quarter. It’s then followed by the company’s aforementioned services as well as the Mac at 9%. The iPad, which has slowly declined in the past few years, now only makes up 7% of the company’s revenue. And the last 5% is reserved for the company’s other products which include its wearables like the Apple Watch.