Elephone is developing its own UI, EleUI that will go public in the middle of 2017

by Dimitris Economou 1

Most smartphone manufacturers choose to develop their own skin over the Android base they are using. Among the most popular, are Samsung’s TouchWiz and Xiaomi’s MIUI. Apart from the design changes they bring to the stock Android UI, most of them bring additional features too. For example, Samsung had implemented the split-screen feature many years before Google did.


Although many users prefer the stock Android versions as they go easy on hardware resources they use, hardware has become so powerful that it can run everything you throw at it. One of the manufacturers that had chosen the Pure Android solution, was Elephone. But that is going to change soon. Since there is little room in the hardware for the companies to give something extra to their customers, the sector they are focusing to differentiate from the competition, is software.

As the company states, a phone without an exclusive UI is just like a young woman without makeup. Her face is still charming, nothing to complain about. Something special is missing however. For that reason, Elephone has decided to develop its own UI. Its name will be EleUI and it will hit the market in the middle of 2017. Yes, it is the same as the previous attempt they made about a year ago, but it will be a lot different this time. Combining simple interface with excellent user experience will be the inspiration of the EleUI design. So far, there is no information for the existing devices that will receive it.

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