Elephone’s Dual 360° panoramic camera makes your phone a VR recorder

by Dimitris Economou 0

VR headsets are popping up like mushrooms the last 2 years. And while they seem to be the output device of the future, VR content is still a bit unimpressive. But what if you could record your own content without having to buy an expensive set of equipment? Actually, you don’t have to buy a set of equipment to record your life into VR video. Just connect with the new elePhone dual 360° panoramic camera to your smartphone and it will be fully capable of delivering 360° photos and VR videos. Besides, it also enables instant sharing and live streaming.

Elephone dual 360° panoramic camera

The elePhone Dual 360° camera is designed to be portable and light, so that you can travel with it. With 360°X 360°dual fish-eye lenses, your phone can deliver immersive virtual reality experience. Even a thousand miles away via live streaming. And being able to record VR videos, you don’t just snap images of your life, but reproduce the exact experiences as they happened.

And as always, the company will definitely give the camera a quite affordable price. Virtual reality has never been that easy.

For more details, visit Elephone Official Page here.