Elephone Play X crafting techniques make it special

by Dimitris Economou 1

Not long ago, we learned that the C1 Max isn’t going to be the first dual camera device from Elephone. Instead, the Elephone Play X got exposed and it is the one to start the dual camera legacy for the company. The Chinese manufacturer informs as about the manufacturing processes of the metal body, as the Play X is not only a bold statement deploying dual cameras.

Elephone Play X

According to the company, Elephone Play X takes the hand sentation while holding it, to the next level. The body lines are sleek and elegant. Also, the design of the antenna on the back and metal technology is further improved with the use of a more advanced technique to enhance the metal/body ratio.

To achieve the perfect finish, all smartphone manufacturers use sandblasting. It it is a common practice when it comes to manufacturing a metal smartphone.However, according to the different sandblasting materials, the differences in the sensation in hand are visible. A dedicated selection of fine Zirconium is used on the Play X’s body. The sandblasting particles are measured one by one and wind power and swing parameters are calculated accordingly to achieve the best possible result.

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