Gearbest Europe Warehouse promotion

by Dimitris Economou 0

Although the Chinese online retailers were on a holiday for about a week due to their Spring Festival Holiday, many of them have warehouses outside China that were working as usual. Gearbest, one of the largest online shops is one of them. And although their EU warehouse never stopped working, they are holding a great promotion for residents of the EU.

As always, Gearbest makes some of the  greatest offers during the promotions and this is the case with this one. In fact, in some cases the prices are even lower that those from the Chinese warehouse. Also, you get the advantage of faster delivery without the fear of import taxes.

Gearbest EU Warehouse

To give you a small taste of the products on offer, you can for example obtain the Pipo W9S 14.1″ laptop with 4GB RAM for $200, the same price as the Chinese warehouse. Also, almost all the smartphones have lower or same price as their China-based counterparts. Vernee’s big hit, the Thor, is on sale for €117 while on the China warehouse it is €6 more expensive.

To see all the available products from the many categories that Gearbest has available, just visit the promotion page below. Tablets, smartwatches, TV Boxes as well as many consumer electronics are available.

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