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Samsung Factory Fire Caused by Faulty Batteries

by Martin 1


A recent fire at a Samsung SDI factory in Tianjin, China, was apparently caused by faulty batteries and other waste products, according to a report by the local fire department.

Samsung noted though that the fire was minor and not on the production line itself but at a part of the factory used for waste so operations at the plant mostly went on as normal. It also noted that no one was hurt during the incident.

This incident was surely something Samsung didn’t need so close to the launch of their Galaxy S8 and after the Galaxy Note 7’s problems. The company as well as the Korean government found that the problems with the Note 7 were caused by faulty batteries, some of which came from SDI itself.

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SDI is also set to supply batteries for the upcoming Galaxy S8 which is expected to launch in April.

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  • Wolvie

    LOL it is the same samsung story again as earlier, more or less it is confirm that Samsung battery can be use as time bomb, Cool !!

    The good news is got high chance samsung still bundled their newest galaxy notes with a very big size fire extinguisher so we don’t need to worry if your latest galaxy notes blow up.