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MGCOOL Valentine’s Day Flash Sale

by Dimitris Economou 10

Fortunately, there are many days during the year to celebrate for and one of these days is coming soon. Valentine’s Day is coming on February 14 and MGCOOL Valentine’s Flash Sale is on the way, offering some of the best products of the company at great prices. The products on offer include 3 action cameras as well as a smartband. All offers are available for the next three days in limited quantities, so hurry up!

MGCOOL Valentine’s Day Flash Sale


MGCOOL Valentine’s Day


All for a healthy life. It supports heart rate meter, sleep monitoring, distance calculation. Allow your lover to make each moment healthier! You can find the deal here for only $19.99.


MGCOOL Explorer Action Camera

MGCOOL Valentine’s Day

The Explorer is the most affordable 4K action camera in the world. High quality and beauty, combined with [email protected] resolution, records your little drops of life. You can find the deal here for only $49.99.


MGCOOL Explorer Elite Action Camera

MGCOOL Valentine’s Day


With Explorer Elite, you can enjoy a flawless experience whether you are traveling or taking a walk. With upgraded [email protected] over the Explorer for just $12 extra, you get upgraded video experience. You can find the deal here for only $49.99.



MGCOOL Valentine’s Day


The ELECAM360 is a perfect combination of dual lenses to record 360 videos. With support for both Android and iOS, just use the waterproof case to record stunning underwater 360 videos! You can find the deal here for only $99.99.


Learn more about MGCOOL here and on Facebook.

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  • Rocky

    Gearbest is the worst place to buy , if you look at the all the item at sale they have promo at 03/03/2017 and gearbest then will state that it will be difficult to post after then. i bought atleast 4 items and everytime they had a stupid reason to not honour the price. so dont waste your time

  • Jonathan dos Santos

    Great prizes. This brand MGCOOL seems to have very good products with good prizes. Thanks.

  • Emilio Calvo

    I am really interested in MGCOOL BAND 2. The reviews talk very well about this gadget.

  • Emi Geek

    4K at 24fps and this crazy prize is simply incredible for Elite Model.

  • Armando Jaleo

    These kinds of promotions by the shops are very grateful.

  • Julio Pedregosa

    San Valentine’s day. Total bussiness. At least we can get good prizes like it.

  • Giuseppe

    I was waiting for the sales like every festivity, and I was satisfied. They seems all good deals.

  • Lalrindika Ralte

    These are some really good deals

  • Flavio

    San Valentine’s day offers a lot of possibilities for us, that’s a great thing.

  • Cristian Cacciatore

    This sales were a good opportunity to take one of this good products. Too bad that I didn’t see them in time.