Ulefone Gemini will feature a Super Saver mode (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

Maybe the Dual Camera is the killer feature of the newly released Ulefone Gemini, but that’s not all. The Gemini features a 3.250mAh battery for a whole day use and it also offers a super saver mode for longer runtime when the energy is about to run out. A very useful feature for when you are on the move all day and you realise that you won’t manage to charge your device anytime soon.

From the latest video by Ulefone, we can see that you can activate the super saver mode by pressing and holding the power key. Once activated, the super saver will turn off WiFi, Data connection and most apps, only keeping the 2G network for phone calls and SMS. When the battery life is under 10%, the system will notify you to activate the super saver, which gives you about an 1-day standby. The video also shows that in normal mode, half  hour of FHD playback will consume only 8% energy.

Ulefone Gemini

Ulefone Gemini features 13MP/5MP dual camera, 1.5GHz SoC along with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. In addition, there is a 5.5″ display comes with a 1080p  resolution and a 3.250mAh battery. Lastly, the presale starts on February 14 but you can already submit your email to the Ulefone Gemini product page site for a $70 coupon. The coupon will give you $40 discount and $30 worth of accessories.

To subscribe for the $70 coupon, just submit your email address here.