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Elephone C1X for $99.99 and other offers for Valentine’s Day

by Dimitris Economou 2

Finally, the big celebration for couples in love is here and it brings various offers from the usual suspect, Elephone. To celebrate the debut of Elephone C1X, the new milestone when it comes to super affordable phablets, the company is offering 500 units $20 off. This brings the price below the $100 line. So, if you are among devices and can’t decide, now is the time. Get a 5.5″ device with 2GB RAM and an all-metal design for only $99.99 from Coolicool.

Elephone C1X

But the offers don’t end here. In the dedicated promotion page, designed for Valentine’s Day, Elephone has some cool combinations ready. For every two smartphones that you buy, you get either free accessories or a price cut. Or both. There are 5 bevice combinations and all of them include free accessories. Pick between two Elephone S7, S7 + P9000, S7+C1X, P9000+C1X and two C1X’s.

Elephone Valentine's Day

In addition to the above offers, for every other product available, you pay one and get another one for free. From Action Cameras to smartphone cases and chargers, all are X2. For example, you pay $199.99 for an Elecam360 Action Camera and you get two of them! To see all the available offers, visit the promotion page below.

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  • John Henle

    Buy one get one free means you buy 1 phone (lets say an Elephone S7) at full price, then get a second identical item for free. But if you try this, you’ll get 1 Elephone S7 at full price, and second Elephone S7 at 98% of full price.

    This is not a buy one get one free event like it is labelled on the page. This is not even a good sale.

    • Dimitris

      It is clearly stated in the article for what product categories 1+1 is valid. All other products except for smartphones, you buy one and get one for free.