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LeEco Le Max 2 $40 off on Banggood (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 5

LeEco (former LeTV), the TV content giant in China, had made an impressive entrance in the smartphone industry about 2 years ago. And although financially, things didn’t go as well as expected, the company continues to deliver impressively specced devices at almost unmatched prices. One of these devices is the LeEco Le Max 2 that currently has a price of $229.99 on Banggood. And with the use of coupon¬†x829 you can get another $40 off. Just use the coupon during checkout.

LeEco Le Max 2

So, what do you get for just $189.99? First of all, the top SD820 SoC (along with SD821) from Qualcomm. After the SD810 fiasco, Qualcomm presented us with a trully powerful and power efficient chipset. Add to that 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage and you have some of the best specs on the market right now. To accompany them, there is a 2K 5.7″ IPS display with 95% NTSC gamut.

LeEco Le Max 2

Of course, it is a dual SIM devide with LTE+ and VoLTE support and you can shoot photos with the 21MP rear camera. The selfies are taken care of by the 5MP front camera. All these are surrounded by an all metal housing that hides the big, with quick charge support, 3100mAh battery under the hood.

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  • Trayanee

    Check LTE frequencies before buying. Its not the original EU-B20 compatible version. If you are US based however, it could be an interesting offer.

    • Dimitris

      Most carriers in Europe are using Bands 3 and 7. Lately, some of them use Band 20 as well. So, the device is going to work perfectly fine in Europe.

  • Tremaine Underwood

    Its an awesome deal, I am almost temped. But I think there is something fishy about these. I am the proud owner of a US Le Pro 1, well I say proud, its more like annoyed. The phones ROM is hack job and Letv(Leeco) refuse to support it. You can’t use the Chinese rom on it so you are limited to a few not 100% finished custom roms. I see on Aliexpress you can actually buy the SD820 powered X910 Le Max Pro for quite cheap(yes it actually exists), but again Leeco are refusing to support them. Now these where I see BG are saying they don’t support OTA and they are only available in 64gb version which is similar to when I bought my Le Pro 1. I would recommend not buying them because I bet my dicky knee they won’t be supported, thats why ressellers are getting them so cheap.

    • Yoze32

      Le 1 pro us has an official eui clean rom.
      But right now I didn’t received any ota updates.
      Do you think it is the same story here?
      I also consider purchasing x829 and I hope to get an official clean eui rom.

      • Tremaine Underwood

        Yes definitely, if you look on Bang Good at the comments at the bottom of the page the BGstaff have confirmed that. With the US Le 1 Pro the hardware is actually different that’s why you can’t install the Chinese rom and I fear this is the same story with this one. Else why doesn’t it support OTA like the regular one did.