Worldwide Tablet Clearance on Gearbest

by Dimitris Economou 0

When we talk about Gearbest, we talk about the largest Chinese online retailer. With warehouses in three continents, they can deliver their products virtually anywhere. For that reason, whenever they are holding a clearance people all around the world can benefit. With the worldwide tablet clearance, Gearbest is offering its customers the chance to grab one (or two) at a great price. As a reference, we have chosen three out of many offers. You can see the full list by visiting the clearance page at the end of the article. As always, units are limited.


CHUWI LapBook, 15.6″ Laptop, $227.99 on the EU Warehouse

Gearbest Chuwi LapBook

After many successful years in the tablet segment, Chuwi’s first attempt in the laptop category is also a success. With a 15″ 1080p display and the size of an ultrabook, LapBook is ideal for everyday task such as browsing, social networking, movies, etc. Having a big battery and a low power CPU, it achieves high on-screen times.


CHUWI VI10 PLUS with Remix 2.0 OS, $135.99 on the EU Warehouse

Chuwi Vi10 Plus

The Vi10 Plus from Chuwi features the awesomest implementation of Android so far. The Remix OS is an Android fork that supports multi-windows, allowing for maximum productivity. Just as any Windows machine. Apart from that, it features a full File Explorer as well as the over 1,5 million apps from the Google Play Store. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance.


Lenovo PHAB 4G Phablet, $109.99 on the HK Warehouse

Wordwide Tablet Clearance Gearbest

If you want the convenience that a large display offers but you don’t want to carry two devices, worry not. The Lenovo Phab, combines the big display of a 7″ tablet with the calling abilities of a smartphone. With support for LTE networks and the power of Snapdragon SoC, you don’t have to carry more devices that you want.