Cubot Rainbow 2 commercial video is out (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Some days ago, we talked about the new era in the smartphone industry. It is the dual camera era that began last year and is going to expand tremendously this year. We may not have seen much progress in the camera sensors over the last decade, but as processing power is approaching the power of desktop computers, software can almost do magic.

Cubot Rainbow 2

With a little help from software and a second camera sensor, smartphones can now create effects that up until now were a privilege of DSLR cameras only. The same goes for the upcoming Cubot Rainbow 2. It may not feature the super quality camera sensors and lenses that too expensive flagships do, but it does the job pretty well. Considering the fact that it will be the first  entry-level dual camera phone, its capabilities are more than enough. Today, Cubot uploaded the official commercial video of the Rainbow 2.

As you can see in the video, the dual camera is going to adopt the iPhone 7 Plus implementation, in which the main lens focuses on the main subject and the second measures the depth of field around it in order to blur it, creating the so called Bokeh effect. The Cubot Rainbow 2 will be released in March and promotional event will take place then.