MJX BUGS 3 quadcopter 38% off on TomTop!

by Dimitris Economou 0

From time to time we have articles and offers about all kinds of drones. Undoubtedly, DJI is the leading company in terms of features and quality. But it is very expensive for someone that has no previous experience in flying a drone. Thankfully, there are lots of other companies who provide the market with entry-level solutions, perfect for every beginner.

MJX B3 Bugs 3

MJX B3 BUGS quadcopter is one of them and with the TomTop promotion, it is a steal. Have you ever wanted to fly a quadcopter? Nothing more easy, the MJX Bugs3 drone is exactly the beginner drone that you need. We can say it is love at first sight as its design is riveting. But there’s more to it than just looks. Apart from the usual 2.4GHz remote that ensures safe control up to 800m far, there is also a 360-degree eversion mode for more impressive flight as well as independent ESC protection against high temperature and sticking.

If you want to obtain the MJX, just visit the product page below and coupon HXFMJX55 that gives you 38% off the original price. This bring the price down to $89.99. The offer is valid until February 27.