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Elephone Play X to have better cameras than iPhone 7 Plus, says Elephone

by Dimitris Economou 14

Every time that the mobile industry hits a wall in innovation, it finds various ways to attract buyers’ interest. This is what happened last year with the dual camera feature showing up and get adopted by many manufacturers. The most well implemented solution is that of Apple’s in the iPhone 7 Plus. With a main lens along with a “telephoto” one and great software optimization, it produces the best results among dual camera devices.

Elephone Play X

Of course, Elephone couldn’t be left out of this race and will soon launch its own dual camera device. The Elephone Play X. According to the company, the Play X will likely overtake the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of camera quality. In addition, as the company states, Elephone play X is born to extend the boundary of mobile photography, wondering how far can human imagination develop into without the limits of the physical world. Elephone Play X with dual 13MP camera and flagship SoC will unchain your creativity.

Until the Play X is out, tell us your opinion about dual camera devices and how they expanded your imagination. More details on Elephone devices are available here.

Elephone Play X

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  • Bojan Radovanović

    what’s the point!?
    yes, their all phones are “better then something” in one area…but there is no any support (and how could they support that many devices, givven that they are presenting new ones every week, even Samsung couldn’t support that number of devices), no warranty, service….al their phones is for one time ussage, and to be thrown away. now, they are cheap, but not that cheap that we are ready to thrown 200$ every month for a new elephone

  • Jh1

    It’s a little early for April fool’s jokes, don’t you think Elephone?

  • Flipp0

    Elephone Play X beating iPhone 7 Plus in the camera department? I would be impressed if the photo quality from Play X is on par with the 4 year old iPhone 5…

    • Wolvie

      On par with iphone 5 ,are you kidding ?
      There is no way elephoney camera can be on par with iphone, not even iphone first generation.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    SON OF A BITCH doesn’t have type c and they’re talking about fucking with iPhone cams …

    yeah right and donald trump’s gonna embrace all the mexicans he’s currently tryna kick outta States’

  • NextHype

    Elephone should stop feeding their PR team with crack rocks.

  • Saku

    Goodness, Elephone should sack all their engineers and get those who made Pixel camera great. That’s what it takes for them to back their delusions.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      how good was the Pixel cam .. to be precise ?

      did it KILL in low light scenarios and NOT disappoint in good light ?

  • Assefa Hanson


    • Muhammad Yasir


  • Hahah, says Elephone 😀
    Next Elephone will blackout the Sun probably 😀
    They’ll say anything to drive sales

  • Mudashiru K. Abimbola Adebumit

    Dreaming is good. Elephone should keep on dreaming. But let someone give them a rap on the head to wake up. We are in the real world Elephone, not your dream landscape where you can beat anyone.

  • Wolvie

    Wow it has been 3 days this news posted and not even 1 fake paid troll detected ????

  • Wurstel

    Elephone is known for its horrible cameras. If the double cam features finally brings halfway decent pics to Elephone users, that would be great. I doubt it, until Elephone proves me wrong. Claiming that it will beat the quality of any iPhone is a joke…