Vernee Thor is the first MT6753 smartphone to receive Android 7.0 update

by Dimitris Economou 1

Since its establishment, Vernee promised to provide long and constant aftersales support for its devices. Vernee Thor was the first device the company ever made and it achieved great sales results. Of course, almost nobody expected that a low budget device would receive as many updates as it did. And yet, Vernee keeps supporting it with bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Now, Vernee keeping once more its promise to roll out ongoing update to all its products, it’s about to release a big Android 7.0 update for the Thor. Since the release of Vernee Thor in April 2016, Vernee has rolled out six OTA updates for this model. And today, Vernee official confirmed on Twitter that Android 7.0 is coming too, today! Below, you can see some of the tips Vernee gives upon such a big update.

Vernee Thor


Due to the database structure difference between Android 6.0 and Android 7.0, Vernee suggests you:

1. Backup your personal data before update.
2. After the update, factory-reset the smartphone.

If you don’t factory-reset, you may experience various bugs, like not being able to set a default ringtone and system time may restore to default value.

As the MWC 2017 is coming, Vernee will announce several new flagship models. Stay tuned.