Blackview P2 durability tests video

by Dimitris Economou 2

Various Youtubers are earning money by doing all kinds of durability tests on smartphones. The most popular test is the drop test performed in order to determine how durable is a smartphone’s display and body. They may be fun to watch, but by no means are they reliable. On the other hand, all manufacturers (well, most of them), conduct their own tests before releasing a device. In the video below, you can see the test that the Blackview P2 went through during development.


As you can see in the video, Blackview performs four kinds of tests. First up is the popular drop test. The Blackview P2 is dropped from a height of 80cm, first with its display facing up and then facing down. To continue, the company simulates a situation where you have your device in your back pocket and forget about it while sitting. A very common situation that often ends up in a broken or bent device. Lastly, the P2 goes through a humidity and temperature test, where the device is put in a chamber with high temperature and humidity levels. This ensures that it continues to function as intended under those conditions. The results are very encouraging, as the P2 survived all of them maintaining full functionality.

Blackview P2


If you want to learn more about Blackview P2 and other products, you can visit the Official Blackview Portal and the official BBS forum thread. Also, you can buy it directly from Aliexpress here.