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Xiaomi Mi MIX Coming to More Territories

by Martin 3

Xiaomi has just announced that it’ll be bringing the Mi MIX, as well as the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4A, to the UAE and that it will the first of many countries that will be getting the Mi MIX as the company has also confirmed that it is beginning the global rollout of the said device.

mi mix

The company did not give any details on which territories will be getting the Mi MIX but it’s probably safe to say that it will make it to the major territories that the company has seen strong sales or in countries the company wants to begin building a strong presence in.

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For the UEA release of the device, the Mi MIX will be priced at AED 2,999 (around ~$817) which is slightly higher than its price in China but that is too be expected due to possible import taxes, duties, and such.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    that means its coming to Pakistan too !

    • Pranav

      No, it may not even enter the India market, let alone the Pakistan

      • Muhammad Yasir

        why not ?! we already have the grey market versions … then why not the original ?!

        oh and btw , Xiaomi are treating both the markets (India and Pak) SAME … we got the Snapdragon variant of the RN4 instantly, didn’t have to transition from the initial MTK x20 version to SD