MGCOOL Explorer 1S 4K camera enhances your action videos

by Dimitris Economou 8

Along with the MGCOOL Explorer that was announced some time ago as the most affordable 4K action camera, the company also announced the MGCOOL Explorer 1S. The Explorer 1S comes with improvements over the Explorer in terms of 4K video quality, as it can record 4K @24fps instead of the somewhat low 15fps of Explorer. Also, it supports an optional four angles shooting as well as 20M still image resolution.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

For improved image quality, Explorer 1S adopts Sony sensor IMX 079 and 70  110  140  170 angles for four lenses. It allows for recording 4K [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] In addition, it produces 20M still image. The 6-piece, 170 degree, adjustable ultra wide-angle lens ensures excellent shooting version. With wide to narrow settings, it enables photographers to adjust how much or how little of the background they want to capture according to their liking. Besides, as always MGCOOL offers a large amount of accessories like waterproof housing, bracket, bicycle stand, helmet base and so on. With these accessories, you can mount the Explorer 1S on pretty much anything. Learn more on MGCOOL site and Facebook Page.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

As the weather is getting warmer and warmer by the day, it is a good time for everyone to go outdoors. This camera is one of the best choices for the outdoors. Whether you want to have outdoor sports or underwater excursions, Explorer 1S does it all.