No1 D7 Android Smartwatch brings 5 days of standby time

by Dimitris Economou 0

Smartwatches may have been marketed as the next big thing in the mobile industry, but they haven’t lived up to the consumers’ expectations until now. This mainly happens because of the awful battery performance they score. Consumers already have a bunch of devices they need to charge every day, they don’t need another. No1 is one of the most consistent companies when it comes to smartwatches, as it continues to develop and market many models. Some of them use proprietary Java OS and others feature full Android OS. One of them is the all-new No1 D7 that, apart from the full Android experience, it promises to deliver 5 days of standby time, almost double from competitive products right now.

No1 D7

To achieve that, No.1 D7 carries a 500mAh battery and -although not known for now- a low energy SoC. In addition, it features a 2nd Generation heart rate sensor with Dynamic heart rate monitoring. Also, it promises improved Android smartwatch user experience and usability and, as seen on the video below, it stands up to its promise. Further information are not available for the time being, but more will surface as we come closer to the release date. For more information, you can visit the official No.1 site here.