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Dodocool Magnetic Wireless Earphones

by Dimitris Economou 0

There was a time when components where so big, that the smallest mobile device you could make, looked like… a brick. Thankfully, technology is making huge steps the last 20 years and components have become extremely small and much less power hungry. Imagine that you can fit a whole smartphone in a watch these days. Likewise, it now is possible to make stereo Bluetooth earphones that have all the advantages of wired ones without all the macaroni cables hassle. One company that makes quality accessories is Dodocool that is now ready to release a Magnetic Wireless Earphone set.

dodocool magnetic wireless

Dodocool Magnetic Wireless Earphones main features

1. Wireless Magnetic design
2. APT-X technology ( The best technology for the high sound quality in bluetooth transmission
3. CVC 6.0 Noise cancellation (CVC brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, as well as providing packet loss and bit error concealment to deliver the best possible call quality on Bluetooth® headsets, handsets, hands-free devices, and automotive)
4. Up to 8 hours music time
5. Comfortable Wearing Experience: Lightweight and ergonomics design make it comfortable to wear. Included soft S/M/L ear caps and ear hooks provide customized wearing experience

dodocool magnetic wireless


To promote its new product, Dodocool has an activity that gives a 48% off the official price. The normal price will be $25, but you can get the headset for $13 until March 7. To do so, just do the following:

dodocool magnetic wireless

1. Enter your email address with your country on to get discount code
2.The users from CA, US, UK, ES, DE, FR, JP, IT will get buying link from Amazon with the code and the Authorised online store will provide the same service for the users from other countries
3.One lucky dog will be chosen in every 20 buyers

To learn more about the Dodocool Magnet Wireless earphones, just go to the activity page here.


dodocool magnetic wireless