Elephone Z1 with 6GB RAM takes multitasking to another level

by Dimitris Economou 1

After 2007, the year that Apple changed the mobile market forever, another big change occurred, although not many users realize it. It’s called “App Store”. The market that Apple created for its platform and that others followed later on, is one -or has been- of the most fast growing ever. Also, as mobile hardware becomes more and more powerful, mobile apps tend to close the gap between them and desktop apps in terms of features. Of course, as more features an app carries, the more resources it needs. RAM is one of these resources and it will play a big role in the near future.

Elephone Z1

The more RAM the better and if you choose to go for the Elephone Z1 you won’t be disappointed. With 6GB RAM and a powerful SoC, it makes sure that you hold a future-proof device in your hand. But, apart from serving heavy apps, RAM is important for multitasking as well. More RAM means more apps staying active in the background, making multitasking working like a breeze. How many apps do you want to use? Maybe 10. Or 20? What about 40? Elephone Z1 will allow you to return to any app without lags and without losing you current progress. Just return to the same point you were before.

Elephone Z1 is the first crowdfunded device from Elephone and features Helio P20 SoC, 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. USB Type-C and a 5.5″ FHD display completes the package. You can grab the early bird offer here for $189.99 only.