Geekbuying Fan Festival promotion, as low as $0.10

by Dimitris Economou 0

There is an elevated activity on online retailers with great promotion campaigns and offers. Geekbuying couldn’t stay out of this and is organizing the Geekbuying Fan Festival. Only this time it is a little bit more different event than other times. Instead of just plain discounts, the shop has set up a little game.

Geekbuying Fan Festival

The game goes like this: There are selected products for which each user can share their desired product to social media. Once a product reaches the shares needed, it gets unlocked and you can buy it for $9.9. Needless to say that quantities are very limited and the price crash will be available at exactly 18.00 UTC +8 on March 14th. As for the products that participate in this promo? They vary from Ulefone Metal and Uhans U100 to Cube i7 Book and you have the chance to get them for less than 10$!

In addition, the promotion includes many products already available for $9.9. Also, on March 14 there will be a Snap Up promotion with products available for $0.10 only! New products are added every day.

To explore the whole promotion, see the terms and choose which one you want, just visit the promotion page below. Just make sure that you have enough time to spare because there are tons of products!

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