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Cagabi One could be the world’s cheapest smartphone!

by Dimitris Economou 12

About a month ago we learned about a new company that is about to enter the mobile market with two ultra cheap devices. Now, information is more precise and Cagabi wll debut with the Cagabi One on March. And as Cagabi has established a relationship with many famous suppliers like Sony, Samsung, OV, LG etc, the Cagabi One will adopt components from these companies. Cagabi One claims to have the best screen and camera among entry-level phones.

Cagabi One

Cagabi One display specifications

1. 5” IPS display from LG
2. 1280*720 resolution
3. 450cd/m² brightness
4. OGS full lamination
5. 5-point multi-touch
6. 175°viewing angle
7. glove mode

Moreover, the screen on the One will feature technology similar to “Shatter Shield” on Moto Droid Turbo 2/X Force. It is called “G+F” technology. There’s Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the outside of the screen as well as special anti-force protection layer on the inside touch panel. So, the screen can stand impact of dropping and collision. Even when the Corning glass is accidentally broken, the anti-force layer can protect the screen circuit and construction.


Camera specifications

1. 8MP rear camera from OV; dual camera flash
2. F2.0, 28mm
3. 5MP front camera from OV; selfie camera flash
4. Corning Gorilla Glass protection

Cagabi One will hit the market with a very low price. It is said that it will be less than $40 in pre-order.

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  • Assefa Hanson

    Shatter shield had screen brightness issues but this is interest ing

    • Rockitfellow

      “G+F” screen technology make Cagabi One tougher than ever. Now Cagabi One is available on AliExpress with large quantity for $39.99. First come, first served. If you miss this chance, you will wait forever.

  • LabRat

    $40 is a good 40% cheaper than anything else on the marrket, well done, they are going to need huge volume to make any profit out of it.

    Just shows you how much “fat” luxo phones have in them, $300+ phone…LOL

    • Ruby Ruby

      Now more and more Chinese companies are raising their prices. Who knows how much money they earn from higher prices? $40 is really really low for a smartphone like this one. Maybe they are losing money to gain market share.

      • LabRat

        Its change over time of the year, stand by for some deep discounts, mid spec phones at entry level prices

    • Rockitfellow

      Now Cagabi One is available on AliExpress with large quantity for $39.99. First come, first served. If you miss this chance, you will wait forever.

  • Zero

    Bands supported? That define if is a promising phone or not.

    • goodwill

      at less than $40 on pre-order even without global bands, it will still be a promising phone. That is if the specs and price are accurate, of course.

      • Rockitfellow

        less than $40? that is amazing!

  • Ruby Ruby

    With such specs and price, this is exciting to see the price of $40.

  • Ionut Johnny

    Don’t tink the price is real, they forgot to add 1 , 140$

  • TR

    Hello, I need a help. I need “Declaration of conformity” for CAGABI ONE or contact to the producer. Thanks for help.