Dual Camera Duel: AGM X1 vs iPhone 7 Plus

by Dimitris Economou 5

iPhone 7 Plus is the first handset of the iPhone family that uses a dual lens camera and AGM X1 is the first rugged smartphone using dual lens setup as well. Dual camera has been is the trending thing in the mobile market, but most users have no idea how to function and use a device like this.


This main feature of the dual lens gives users a 2X optical zoom, meaning they can zoom in and out of objects up to double the distance without degrading image quality. When you launch the camera, only the primary lens is active. In order to use the second lens, you need to select the dual camera mode. In addition, the second lens enables you to capture depth-of-field effect and highlight the key object by blurring the background. It is called Bokeh Effect and is used a lot by professional photographers. Check out the following video clip of the AGM X1 and iPhone 7 Plus, see how the cameras function.

We can see the AGM X1 and iPhone 7 Plus are adopting the same algorithm for the dual camera and basically have the same function on capturing. However, dual lens camera is able to work together on creating more vibrant, punchy photos and some effects that the handsets with single lens camera are incapable of. If you are interested in a dual camera device, apart from the iPhone 7 Plus you might as well consider AGM X1. For more info on AGM X1, visit official site of AGM.