Elephone releases kernel sources for Elephone S7

by Dimitris Economou 0

One of the biggest advantages of Android OS, is that it is Open Source and anyone can use it freely. For that reason, a huge community for custom ROMs and hacks is available over at XDA but on other site as well. In order for developers to be able to make custom ROMs, the kernel source of a device must be available. And Elephone, committed to helping the Android community, has released the source for Elephone S7 on Github. So, we expect to see more and better custom ROMs from developers around the world.

Elephone S7

In addition, the S7 is on sale these days on the Official Elephone Store as well as on Gearbest. The discount is great as you can obtain the 3GB/32GB version for $179.99 only and the 4GB/64GB for $199.99. Also, there are other products on discount too. Action cameras and accessories with up to 50% discount are available on the Elephone Store. You can take a look and it’s almost sure that you won’t resist the temptation to make a purchase!

Lastly, the Elephone Z1 crowdfunding is ongoing. To catch the early bird offer on the first crowdfunded device from Elephone, just visit the activity page here. To learn more about the company and the rest of its products, you can follow the Official Facebook Page here.

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