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Vernee’s first Helio X30 model (prototype) Apollo 2 debuted at MWC 2017

by Dimitris Economou 13

MWC 2017 came to an end on March 2. As the one of the top tech exhibitions around the world, MWC attracted a lot of smartphone makers to attend and release their new models there. Among them the rookie manufacturer Vernee, which took part in this event for the first time and released its first Helio X30 flagship Vernee Apollo 2. In addition, two big battery models – Thor E and Thor Plus were announced as well. Apollo 2, due to the SoC and high specifications, has gained a lot of attention from the media and visitors.

Vernee Apollo 2

According to Vernee, Apollo 2 will feature Mediatek’s newest product – Helio X30 with Android 7.1 OS out of the box. Hardware-wise, it will come with 5.5″ TDDI high resolution display, 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Also, the rear camera will sport a 16MP SONY IMX298 sensor. Besides, it will have an all-metal uni-body, front fingerprint sensor, and USB Type-C connector with support for quick charge. This model will be Vernee’s flagship of this year.

Vernee Apollo 2

Also present at the congress was MediaTek that launched the new-generation deca-core SoC (Helio X30), which supports Google Daydream VR and some advanced functions. Besides power efficiency, 4K HDR, and support of dual cameras, MTK also rolled out the MTK VR function. It features geolocation on single camera and compatibility with mainstream rear cameras. Just after MTK’s launch of Helio X30, Vernee immediately displayed a prototype of Vernee Apollo 2 attracting a lot of attention from the local media.

Vernee Apollo 2

The Apollo 2 was due to be released on March, but because of delay on Mediatek’s part, it is postponed for May. As for the retail price of Apollo 2, Vernee mentioned that it would be over $300. The exact price will be available when this model hits the market.

Vernee Apollo 2

From previous Thor, Apollo Lite, to recent Apollo and coming Apollo 2, Vernee has brought many surprises to worldwide users in just one year. For more details about them, please visit Vernee official website


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  • Assefa Hanson

    Good camera sensorsensor too bad low amounts of x30 so i wont expect competitively priced devices with this chip

    • Zero

      Take in care something… X30 are scarse due lower demand and that is solved by more demand… Snapdragon 835 are scarse due lower production. And that is worse.

      • goodwill

        Lower production in the initial stage only. it’ll progressively ramp up.

        • Zero

          Actually is the current 10nm production which has serious problems. Mediatek doesn’t use full capacity, but Qualcomm do.

          • goodwill

            There is no serious current problem with the production of SD’s 10nm chipset, which is the 835. Samsung simply gets the debut priority because they co-produced the 835 along with Qualcomm using Samsung’s own 10nm FinFET technology. So, It’s only natural that they want the exclusivity to be the 1st phone using the 835. Many other major brands have already annouched that their 2017 flagship will be using the 835, but they just won’t be the 1st.

      • Assefa Hanson


  • johala02

    In any case I think it will be cheaper than any devices with Snapdragon 835. But it be interesting to see how MediaTek X30 will perform.

    • goodwill

      We’ll see what Xiaomi, Leeco and Zuk has to say about that tho.

  • Zero

    If Helio X30 performs better than 821 they would stand a chance to be the mid high tier chip.

    The only thing they need is open their drivers.

    • divis200

      If it performs better? In terms of cpu, SD821 will be blown away. Kryo cores can’t compete with a73 at such high clock speed.

      • Zero

        Indeed. Snapdragon 821 could go to fight up to an ARM A73 2.4 GHz core… More than that is pure defeat.

        Also there is the fact of the GPU. The new Power VR is way more efficient than the previous generation. To make it worse they are not using a Dual Core GPU core, but a Quad Core one. It would reach 15% more than Adreno 430, going near Adreno 530. They won’t win against the 540 BTW…

    • goodwill

      But 821 is a SD’s 2016 flagship chipset. X30 is MTK’s 2017 flagship chipset and for SD is the 835, So It should rather be compared with the latest, really. 835 will easily outperform X30 and in general MTK vs SD, SD has more and quality custom support compared to MTK. That saying, I’m not enunciating that MTK is bad but rather SD has more to offer even if you still insist on comparing an older 821 against X30.

  • Roge Arias

    I like new brands to compete with the overpriced kings in industry! but to be honest i feel this quite generic; i l lprefer a more strong identity…. like somethign that puts it apart as idk; battery, camera or durability as AGM… omg 160 euros for a android 7 rugged? one to go , please! xD