Xiaomi Mi Headphones discount on Yoshop (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Among the many product categories that Xiaomi produces besides smartphones, Audio has a special place in the company. Having a big series of in-ear headphones like the Pistons and its variants, Xiaomi wanted to release something more professional. And it did with the Xiaomi Mi Headphones back in 2015. Although the product is on the market for almost 2 years now, it is still on-par with newer rivals in terms of sound and build quality.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Being the flagship product in the Audio market for Xiaomi, it couldn’t be anything less than premium. From the packaging to the design and the materials used, all of that makes for a complete and pleasant experience. Things are also great in the performance department. If you have an audio source that can provide good sound output, the Xiaomi Mi Headphones perform their best. Bass is rich and the 3D surround sound is stunning, it can sound like you are in the studio right next to the artist.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

All the above can become yours as Yoshop has a coupon available to reduce the price. Not by much, but every discount is welcome. With coupon code MIEARPHONE during checkout, you can bring the price down to $82.99, a great price for a premium headset.