Meizu HD50 Headset 12% off on Yoshop (coupon)

by Dimitris Economou 2

Meizu and Xiaomi are two companies whose course is parallel in the Chinese market. Both of them are considered more of a strartup than traditional manufacturers like Huawei or ZTE. And since Xiaomi has released several headsets along the way, including premium ones, Meizu followed with the Meizu HD50 Headset. Trivial information: Meizu started as an MP3 Player manufacturer, so the required knowledge is there.

Meizu HD50

Meizu had always had a thing for premium build quality even in its budget devices. And the HD50 is no exception. The headset screams quality and the company has thought about the design thoroughly. As for the sound quality that is the most important factor in such devices, it is the best among this price range with good lows and bass that don’t interfere with other levels, resulting in an overall good sound quality.

Meizu HD50

The Meizu HD50 Headset is now on offer at Yoshop where after applying coupon PPYSEAR the final price drops to $46.99 + free shipping. The coupon expires on April 1st. Visit the product page below to take advantage of the offer.

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