Brand new Vkworld Stone V3 is the cheapest IP68 phone

by Dimitris Economou 0

There was a time when Chinese manufacturers were accused of being copycats, copying devices and everything you can imagine from western companies. Things have gone a long way and now there are small Chinese companies copying other Chinese companies! For that reason Vkworld redesigned the Stone V3 and also made a lot of improvements.


The new Stone V3 will be available in April with an incredible price of $29. Below are the improvements that Vkworld made.


Stone V3 Design

1. Bigger keyboard, 20% bigger than the old version

2. New speaker layout

3. New back cover texture

4. Two more screws for better water resistance

5. Thinner color strip

6. New IP68 patch



1. IP68 water-proof dust-proof

2. Thicker rubber exterior, better shatter resistance

3. Bigger ear piece, louder volume

4. Bigger speaker, higher sound quality

5. Bigger keyboard, better feedback

6. Two microphones, surrounding sound recording


The rest of the features remain the same. This includes the 2.4″ display, LED light, micro USB ports, power bank function and free USB LED light and OTG cable.