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Maze debuts with Maze Alpha, a Full Vision Display smartphone

by Dimitris Economou 12

It seems that a new era in the smartphone industry has began. After the Sharp Aquos and Xiaomi Mix, more and more companies are about to present their version of  bezel-less devices. And if this is somewhat expected by well established companies, it is a big surprise when it is about the first device of a new company.


Maze is a new smartphone brand created by a Chinese mobile equipment manufacturing company who owns an R&D team and 3 factories. From what we learn at their website, they took the name “Maze” from HBO’s TV series Westworld. Their mission is to offer a level of customer service that goes above and beyond customers’ needs and expectations.

Maze will bring a gorgeous full vision, edge-to-edge display smartphone to the market: Maze Alpha. It will feature a 6″AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. From the photo, it seems the screen covers up a large area of the front of the device, yet we can not see how the bottom looks like. We doubt its fingerprint would be on the front or the back. Maybe they will go with the side-mounted fingerprint sensor. According to the source, it will come with Android 7.0 OS out of the box. More information will rise as release date is approaching. Until then, there is a preview section for the Maze Alpha on the official website here. We hope that it will A-Maze us.


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  • Assefa Hanson

    Love when new brands come to play

    • Muhammad Yasir

      MAH NIGGA 😘 !

      • Yeti hand

        mah nigga mah Yasir

    • Rob

      Me too, also need new ones to replace others that have vanished without trace.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    love the pun at the end !

  • Jovan Leon

    This new company kinda gets me pumped! Yeah Maze, a-Maze us!

    • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

      Lol. Yes amaze us!

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    Seems the company has the financial backbone to produce premium phones. Maze is a good choice for a brand name.

    • YechiamTK

      Idk about that brand name, too familiar To Meizu (Maze-u)

  • The Calm Critic

    Well at least they got one idea on point; which is shaving off .44″ of a margin too far (to me at least). But other than that….

    Look back when I asked for thinner bezels was for the portrait sides while not minding to just minimize the forehead and chin just nicely to place proper front facing speakers. This current trend for bottom stereo speakers grinds my ass up the wall honestly. **shrugs** maybe too late now to continue griping about it.

    Hope these guys can walk the talk. Fancy presentation means shit if the execution crap out at the end. Price, software and after sales support these are all the basics that needs tightening.

  • Marc

    “Specs are not Enough” what moron came up with that one. Specs are everything with phones !!! Also is it just me or is there some irony in this statement when you consider Specs are the one thing you cannot find on this phone 🙁

    • BOCO

      how about going to the official site and seeing them all, dummy?