Huawei Kirin Processors More Complex than Intel’s According to Huawei CEO

by Martin 4

Huawei’s CEO Chengdong Yu recently guested on a Chinese financial TV show where he talked about the company’s success abroad. He attributed the success of the company’s devices to its innovative Kirin processor, which he claims is far more complex than Intel’s chips.


According to Yu, Huawei spends around $10 billion a year on research and development, placing it as the world’s third highest R&D spender behind Intel and Microsoft. The company’s latest flagships, the Mate 9 and P10, both feature the latest Kirin 960 processor.

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So far, the Kirin 960 has proven to be a great hit for Huawei, topping benchmark scores and beating out other processors such as the A10 from Apple and the Snapdragon 821. The Kirin 960 is also known for its great energy efficiency enabling devices like the P10 to have amazing battery life.