Samsung Foldable Smartphone Could Begin Mass Production in 2018

by Martin 0

It’s been around four years since Samsung first teased at the existence of a smartphone featuring a folding display and it looks like the company is incredibly close to actually releasing the product with reports claiming that the company plans to begin prototype production in the third quarter of this year.


The prototypes, which will number in the several thousand, will be sent to major partners and carriers worldwide to help test the device and gather feedback before it goes into mass production. Barring any external issues, mass production of the foldable smartphone could begin in 2018.

Reports say that Samsung is positioning its foldable smartphone above its regular flagships much like the company did with its Edge model flagships, which began as a special edition of its regular flagship but will now become its standard model with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

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Previous rumors and leaks have revealed that Samsung’s first foldable smartphone will be called the Galaxy X and will feature a regular smartphone design that can fold out into 7-inch tablet. Samsung, who is the current leader in OLED and flexible OLED technology, has been working for years on how to make foldable displays resilient enough to withstand years of use.