Elephone Explorer S: Efficient and with good looks

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone may be focusing almost exclusively on the smartphone market the last year but it never dropped out of the other products it’s been making for years. And maybe almost all other products from its portfolio have been passed on to MGCOOL, its subsidiary company that produces action cameras and other gadgets, yet kept some models under the Elephone brand. One such is Elephone Explorer S.

Elephone Explorer S

With the design being at the top of its priority list among other things, all Elephone products are characterised by clean design and attractive finish. The Explorer S redefines the sport camera design doing away with monotonic design and dull looks. After 2 years of development, it may not top the performance chart, but is certainly among the most well designed products in the category. It sports a minimal design in a small body, topping its GoPro counterparts in this aspect. In the video below, the company gives us an idea on what the Explorer S can be used for. Just take your Elephone Explorer S out and start a nice journey. More information is available on the official product page here.