No1 D7 smartwatch features double standby time than others

by Dimitris Economou 0

In a previous article about the NO.1 D7 we referred to the big battery capacity of 500mAh and the low power consumption of the Mtk6572 CPU. According to the company, the No1 D7 features double the standby time than other smartwatches. In addition, it carries 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage to install multiple applications. Also, having Bluetooth 4.0, it makes it compatible with 99% of the smartphones.

No1 D7 Smartwatch

Other features include push notifications from your smartphone, WCDMA 3G and WiFi support. This way, you can use it as a standalone device to visit facebook, YouTube etc. Lastly, it sports a 316L metal shell, 1.3″ screen with leather strap, a favorite combination for businessmen.

No1 D7 Smartwatch

No1 D7 smartwatch is also marketed by the company as being a sports companion with a 2nd Gen heart rate sensor that records​ your heart more accurately. Pedometer, Sleep monitor and Calories counter are the rest of the features.

Besides all of the above, its price is it’s biggest advantage as it sells for $80 only, much cheaper than other full-OS wearables. You can see all the details on the official product page.