Gearbest 3d Anniversary Lucky Deals feature some great bargains

by Dimitris Economou 0

Gearbest is still celebrating it’s 3d Anniversary with multiple offers and flash deals as well as many small diamonds at very low prices here and there. Thankfully, the shop has them all very well organized so it becomes easy for everyone to spot such bargains.

On the special page found at the end of the article, there are 5 different sections with an easy setup. At the beginning there is the classic Flash Deals category where flash deals from all around the site show up.

Gearbest Lucky Deals

We’ll skip 2 and 3 for now to mention the last two categories that have all the offers by Brand and by product category so that you can pick whichever interests you more. Now, on to the interesting stuff. The 2nd category includes items that cost just $0.99 and you can find real gems in there. Just scroll through and enjoy. The 3d and final category is about add-on items: If your order is above $60, then you can get any add-on item for $3.99 only.

Many of the deals have a time limit as well as limited units, so if you are into chasing deals, the Gearbest 3d Anniversary is the perfect place for you. You can see the full products on offer in the following link.

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