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MGCOOL aims to dominate the mid-range action camera market with the Explorer Series

by Dimitris Economou 4

If Yi camera broke Gopro’s domination in the high-end segment, then MGCOOL would have the chance to take away the middle-end from Gopro. The extremely low price of MGCOOL’s new 4K camera has given us a sign that manufacturers in China have the ability to bring their action cameras to overseas markets and Gopro’s dominated situation will be broken up by contenders like Yi Camera and MGCOOL.

MGCOOL Explorer

In last 2016, the tech world went insane about Yi Sports Camera. It was described as a GoPro killer. This year, MGCOOL presented a surprisingly affordable series of good quality cameras. Having said that, let us point out that no one should expect a $40-$70 camera can beat a $400 one, but it’s all about value for money that counts. The $400 price doesn’t reflect the performance difference as it is much lesser than the price difference.

MGCOOL Explorer

However, the Chinese manufacturer has brought a new interesting product that is better than most other Gopro alternatives and its products do have huge influence on the market. Their action cameras are lightweight and can record videos in 4K to Full HD in 30 and 60 frames per second. Moreover, most of its cameras adopts Sony sensor which enables them to yield quality photos.

As already said, at this moment, neither MGCOOL nor Yi can be better than Gopro. But if you are a newcomer to action cameras and do not have much budget, both are the top choices.

Checkout the Explorer and Explorer 1S flash sale on Gearbest here and here. To learn more about MGCOOL, just visit their official website.

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  • Julio Pedregosa

    I honestly think the quality of photography and recording of these MGCOOL cameras will still be far from competing with a Gopro. However, if we contextualize with the price, obviously they are an incredible option.

  • Emi Geek

    I’ve been following this brand for a few weeks and it looks like they’re doing a good job. I hope that when the first reviews of these cameras appear, they give a good quality in relation to the price they have

  • Jonathan dos Santos

    Someone who bought them and can give us their opinion about them?

  • Armando Jaleo

    Interesting. Thanks for the info