Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Have 3-Month Unconditional Refund Period

by Martin 0

We’re less than a week away from the official unveiling of the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, and its big brother the S8 Plus. And the latest report from Korea have revealed that the company is considering a huge marketing blitz for the new devices, which could include an unconditional refund period of three months.

This means that customers who purchase a Galaxy S8 will be able to use it and, in the event they no longer want it, can return it within three months of purchase. No questions asked and regardless of the phone’s condition. It’s a deal that seems too good to be true and also seems too complicated to actually pull off considering the logistical nightmares of pulling off such a deal.

According to the report though, the company is considering the plan because it wants to show its confidence in the Galaxy S8’s quality after last year’s Note 7 disaster. Another reason is that the company’s first artificial intelligence assistant Bixby will only have limited functionality and support during the Galaxy S8’s first few weeks of release.

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We’ll just have to wait until next week to find out if these reports are true and if Samsung truly is going to attempt such a large-scale and difficult marketing campaign for its new flagship.

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