Geotel Amigo is coming in Alpha Red color, just like iPhone 7 Red

by Dimitris Economou 1

After the successful release of Geotel Note, the brand is all set to release their next smartphone with much more excitement. Its name will be Geotel Amigo and will feature a notable design together with a classy and polished Alpha Red color. Yes, you guessed right: The Geotel Amigo is inspired by the latest release of the iPhone 7 (Product) Red.

Geotel Amigo

The device will once again be placed in the budget segment like the Geotel Note which features a fabulous Blue color on the MetalPrint design and probably the next Geotel will continue the trend too.

Geotel Note

Amigo is set to launch next month with better and greater everything and you’ll probably love the camera hump on the back and as well as in the front with the sturdy grip in the hand. Till the release, we’ll have more information available about its specs and features. You can see more details about the company in their official site here.