MGCOOL Explorer ES vs EKEN H9: Budget Action Cameras head-to-head

by Dimitris Economou 7

Action cameras have become so popular due to the fact that they are small and easy to carry, affordable and have rugged features. We have seen plenty of action cameras manufactured by various companies but they are costly. MGCOOL launched a wide range of digital action cameras recently at affordable prices oriented for budget users. MGCOOL Explorer ES is the latest budget model that doesn’t sacrifice premium features.

Below, we are comparing the MGCOOL Explorer ES and Eken H9. Towards the end of this article, you will be in a position to which one is best for you.


MGCOOL Explorer ES

Price Advantage

MGCOOL Explorer ES is exclusively available for pre-order on at $31.99 till April 7th. Its main highlight is its unique price advantage not available on any other competing products including EKEN H9, which is available for $52.11. MGCOOL has integrated all the premium features of an action camera at a great price.



MGCOOL Explorer ES features a 2”LCD display with a capability to shoot FHD videos at 60 fps. Eken H9 also offers a the same display size. The body of both cameras are lightweight and very compact. And they are easy to hold and, of course mountable.

MGCOOL Explorer ES



MGCOOL Explorer ES is equipped with an Allwinner V3 processor and Full HD sensor while Eken H9 integrates a less known Sunplus 6350 OV4689 processor. Both models have up to 64GB expandable storage.



Explorer ES can capture images up to 16M. Moreover, it supports 170-degree wide angle shooting and 3K (3200*1800) videos at 15fps. Eken H9 comes with a 4MP 17mm lens diameter sensor alongside 170-degree wide angle technology.
While you can capture 3K videos and upto 16M images in Explorer ES, you will be able to shoot 4K videos at 10fps in Eken H9 paired with only 4MP images.

MGCOOL Explorer ES



The MGCOOL model features a 1050mAh battery with a working time of 80 minutes on FHD. Moreover, you will be able to quickly charge the action camera in less than 2 hours. When it comes to Eken H9, the camera is equipped with a 900mAh battery with a standby time of 2 hours. You will have to wait two hours and 50 minutes for the camera to charge completely.


Explorer ES Extra Features

The Explorer ES provide support for water-resistant up to 30m. You will be able to work with the camera in extreme circumstances because of the dust and water proof capabilities. The Explorer ES includes a unique car mode, which enables you to record while driving on the road.



Both models are almost head-to-head in terms of performance, with the Explorer ES having advantage in battery performance and camera sensor quality. So, between the two, one would choose the most affordable but that’s up to you. Nevertheless, if you want to preorder the Explorer ES, you can do it on Gearbest here for $31.99 until April 7th. The full specs of the device can be found here.