UMi claims UMi Z to be the cheapest solution for High 3D-Gaming performance

by Dimitris Economou 3

Performance, both in computers and mobile devices is a complex issue and doesn’t rely exclusively on the hardware. Especially in 3D gaming, where things get tougher. So, what makes a smartphone great for 3D gaming? As it turns out in real practice, it needs many components and aspects working together as best as they can.

That being said, the internal hardware has to be powerful enough to run intensive 3D games without lags and stutters, while the display has to be sharp, bright, and vivid. Battery needs to last for as much possible and recharge as quickly as possible. Also, software should be very optimized to take advantage of the hardware resources.

The latest flagship UMi Z, is said to have a good combination of hardware and firmware at a pretty acceptable price. Many would have also expected UMi Z to have excellent performance in 3D gaming, but statements are feeble unless there are some statistics and charts to indicate its real life performance. Of course, benchmarks say half the truth, the other half is real life performance. Below, you can see the results of some of the most popular benchmark apps run on the UMi Z.


UMi Z Antutu Benchmark

UMi Z packs with MediaTek’s latest processor, the Helio X27 Deca-Core 2.6GHz, plus 4GB RAM. This would secure the smooth run of the operating system. With this in mind, let’s take a close look at the 3D performance of UMi Z from various tests. First, the overall performance of UMi Z on Antutu.


UMi Z Geekbench 4 results

We also tested out the performance of the processor with GeekBench 4 that measures the SoC capabilities.



UMi Z GFX Benchmark results

GFX Benchmark shows UMi Z’s gaming performance compared to other phones on those most popular games (click for bigger images).


UMi Z Vellamo benchmark results

Lastly, here are the results from the Vellamo Benchmark that indicates general speed. Chrome (browsing speed) and Multi core results are very good (click for bigger images).




Benchmarking is good for seeing the test result in numbers, especially for comparison with other phones. However, in reality, it may not fully tell the authentic result in real life conditions.

In order to give you a more practical result, we tested some popular games on UMi Z. This shows how heavy games perform on the device.

Real Racing 3


Hellgate: London


N.O.V.A. Legacy

With all the test and real-life practice, the result shows that the Z, at its price range, has something interesting to offer to gamer geeks. You can get the Z with $50 off from GearbestBanggood and Coolicool.