Nomu S30 rugged smartphone survives drop test (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

As you know, Nomu specializes in manufacturing rugged devices with great specs for the price sold. And as their smartphones are increasingly popular in market for their excellent performance to resist and withstand water, bumps, scratch, dust, extremely high or low temperature, the company did a drop test to prove the durability of Nomu S30.

Nomu S30

As a high-end IP68 certified rugged smartphone phone which is extremely against shocks it’s not only tough enough to land on the ground from different heights of stairs, but also tough enough to survive from 1.2 meters high. So, no worries for careless users who often drop their device. The following video proves without a doubt the S30 durability.


The NOMU S30 has support for NFC, OTG  and Glove mode plus waterproof Speaker and NXP Smartphone amplifier. Also, it will be a part of Special Offers on Aliexpress 7th Anniversary on March 28.  Make sure to act if any of its discounts seems tempting to you. You can find it here.