UMIDIGI Z for Red: Black is the new white

by Dimitris Economou 1

Despite the fact that users went nuts about the new iPhone 7 Red color, many complained about the fact that it has a white front panel instead of a black one. As always, YouTube videos appeared almost instantly guiding people on how to replace the white with a black one, practically replacing the display. This is a big risk as you instantly loose warranty. The second best solution is applying a black skin, but we all know how south this can often go.


Of course, Apple is a so bug brand that can take the risk or even make a mistake. Or two. For a Chinese manufacturer like UMIDIGI, every choice must be calculated to avoid user complaints and offer the maximum possible experience to them. So, since Red & Black looks better than Red & White, the company chose to go with the former combination for the UMIDIGI Z Red. Also, Red & White generally refers to auspicious and ominous matters in Chinese culture.

The Red UMIDIGI Z will be sold at $269.99. In the meantime, you can snap the standard UMi Z at promotion price for $229.99 here.

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