Samsung Now Uses the Note 7 as Glorified Monitoring Cameras

by Martin 2

Samsung invited several journalists to their factory in Gumi, South Korea, to preview the company’s new eight-point battery check it was using for the Galaxy S8, a system that was created in the aftermatch of last year’s Note 7 fiasco.

During the tour, it was discovered that the factory was actually using Note 7s as glorified cameras to monitor the devices that were going through one of the steps of the eight-point battery check, revealing one of the ways the company is using its large unused stock of Note 7s.

When asked about them, a Samsung representative explained that the Note 7s in use were equipped with different, smaller capacity batteries. Given that the devices are constantly being charged, the smaller and ostensibly safer batteries make sense.

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Given that it was discovered that batteries were the issue with the Note 7, smaller batteries may be what the company will be equipping their soon-to-be-available refurbished Note 7s with to make them safer. We’ll have to see when those actually come out to be sure.