xWatch EX18 new smartwatch model from xWatch leaks online

by Dimitris Economou 0

xWatch is a small company producing very affordable smartwatches with respectable features. Their latest model is EX16 which we reviewed recently and costs just $19.99. As you can read in the review, it offers great value for its price. The only thing I personally disliked is the design, as it resembles some sport watches released back in the ’90s. Of course, taste is subjective.

xwatch ex18

Today, a new model was leaked online and information say it is xWatch EX18, a smartwatch with a modern design and multiple wristband options. I must say I like this one more. For the time being, there is no more information about it, but we should expect it to sport all the standard features found in modern smartwatches. We hope it has a good battery life as the main problem in smartwatches is just that. No one needs one more device to charge daily.

We will get back with more info as soon as we receive them.