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Introducing the new drawing technology of MGCOOL Explorer and Explorer 1S

by Dimitris Economou 5

Apart from the features and tech specs of the new Explorer Series from MGCOOL, the company has another reason to be proud of. And this is the implementation of new technologies in manufacturing. One of them is what is called the Drawing Technology in Explorer and Explorer 1S that enhances the look and feel of the outer shell.

MGCOOL Explorer

But what is it exactly? The application of drawing technology makes the device look slick when viewed from a long distance. The 4K-enabled action cameras is designed using dieless drawing technique paired with wire drawing. As a result, the material surrounding the lens and adjacent surface areas look premium. In addition, it provides adequate grip to avoid accidental drops in difficult circumstances.

MGCOOL Explorer

Right now, this the MGCOOL cameras are the only ones that make use of the drawing technology. Besides all of the above, the most important feature is that the surface the surface is durable and doesn’t get spoiled even if you treat it carelessly.

MGCOOL Explorer

Since MGCOOL is committed to producing quality products, drawing is used even in the cheapest model. You can buy MGCOOL Explorer ($39.99) and MGCOOL Explorer 1S ($56.99) directly from MGCOOL’s partner, Coolicool. For more information, visit their Official Facebook Page.

MGCOOL Explorer

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  • Armando Jaleo

    There is no doubt that this brand is doing things right. If the products they advertise have a minimum of quality, I think they will go far.

  • Jonathan dos Santos

    They seem to be putting a lot of effort into the design. However I must try them first to be able to give a more extensive opinion

  • Emi Geek

    Which action camera is best value for money? Mgcool or Gopro?

  • Julio Pedregosa

    Is this technology durable too?

  • anthom

    I found a guy here who is writing about MGCOOL Explorer or GoPro i can help you in that as i am using Explorer s1 and i am loving it you will must buy it.